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Zgubiona dusza (The Lost Soul)
by Olga Tokarczuk and Joanna Concejo

Bologna Ragazzi Award 2018 / Fiction / Special Mention

„Once there was a man who used to work very hard and very quickly and he left his soul far behind him. Without a soul, he actually lived quite well - he slept, ate, worked, drove a car and even played tennis. Sometimes, however, he had the impression that everything was too flat around him, as if he were moving on a smooth sheet of paper from the math notebook, a sheet of paper covered with regular grids... "

A touching story about waiting, patience and mindfulness.

What the Jury of Bologna Ragazzi Award 2018 said:

The philosophical subject of this book - the whole question of the soul - is investigated through illustrations that exude a sense of peace and mindfulness. Artist Joanna Concejo depicts the melancholy and joy evoked by memory with fine lines and precise drawings.



Książę w cukierni (The Prince in a Pastry Shop)
by Marek Bieńczyk and Joanna Concejo


A pair of brilliant characters, a pinch of humour and a charm of style – Marek Bieńczyk, the winner of Nike, the most important and esteemed literature award in Poland – serves us a seemingly facetious tale on happiness. "Happiness is nothing but trouble," says the Not-So-Little Prince as he bites into a donut. And he enumerates examples of this trouble, analyzing the reasons for the elusiveness of happiness. For Prickly Pear happiness simply tastes like a cupcake, cream donut, or apple pie.
The book only seems like a humorous philosophical tale. It touches on a fundamental issue, close to everyone, from preschooler to pensioner: the evanescence of happiness, the fact that we do not always know how to see it when it's right in front of us.
Amazing illustrations by Joanna Concejo carry the characters from the pastry shop into a new dimension: the borderline between walking and sleeping. The book is a masterwork, a piece of art.

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